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XAVIER RABINEAU. Digital Collage Painter

Xavier Rabineau was born in 1979 in Juvisy sur Orge, south of Paris.

He studied in the field of image and made his first digital collages in 2003 with a first series of photos
taken from him by his father with a silver SLR.
It emerges from it a strange and surreal atmosphere where some parts of the pictures are duplicated
or fragmented.
His influences range from Luis Buñuel's cinematographic universe to the work of
Joel-Peter Witkin.

Xavier Rabineau uses no effect of photo editing software and only works with a duplicator brush.
From the exfoliation of all the faults of fashion engravings, he creates torn images of models,
reminding them that they are subject to the scalpels of retouchers. Some creations offer emaciated
faces where blood is no more than a palette of color.
The advent of the digital age is near. The organic is replaced by robotics. The real by the virtual.
The time of justice has come, nature in its series “Nature Versus Culture” is taking back its rights over
From photographic portraits of icons of popular culture like Jimi Hendrix, he creates new ones as if
nature had made its habitat literally: some faces seem to become real anthills, homes of snails or
grasshoppers . In the manner of a black Arcimboldo of modern times.
Xavier Rabineau prints his creations on canvas. He exhibits in galleries and lounges.
His new series addresses the theme of transhumanism.