Wasan Suttikasem

I was born into artisan family; my father was a painter, my mother was a cloth-maker, my brother is a painter. The memories of my childhood is of watching my father paint a Bob Ross-esque landscape. 

It never occurred to me that one day I will become a full-time painter but I always suspect that somehow my occupation will be creative related because I always enter local art competition here and there because my father has been occasionally invited to be one of the judge panel and I sometime tag along. 

When I was in my teenage year there’s a local TV show where one of the main character is an art directer working in an advertisement agency and I find him the most cool, that’s why I chose to study Visual Communication design.

Later on, I find that myself as a student enjoy working a visual piece of work like Poster design and Illustration. so I choose graphic design as my major. after graduation, my ex-girlfriend at the time want me to tag along with her to study in Australia. It was only one year but it opened my eyes a bit and I was able to learn some English.

After graduation (again) I came home to help my family business but still painted from time to time, I even sold some of the paintings I’ve made. after the shop that I worked in was close due to financial reason. I decided to became a full-time painter. it’s not easy, but it’s what I do now.