@rtist Suwat Saraputvised

Artist name Suwat Sarapunised Born 5 February 1996 Graduated from Siloakorn University faculty of decorative arts His art become well known on 1998 as well as his art thesis exhibition were at Silapakorn building .

Most of my works are realistic and natural arts.

I am specialize in all kind of human shapes,objects structure shapes an in clouding of the natural combination of beauty aspects as well as using lights, shadows and shades.

I am used all these elements to creat the beauty in my art work.

It is how I tell the beauty of natural evnvironment through my art.

Moreover, I likes to use the Geometry to create the abstract piece of art.

Thus, I am specialize in interior design.

This is how I learn to create a various types of art in different styles and aspects. I am always used the theorical and Idealogical in my head and applied with my practical skill in daily life. I believed art is sempiternal.