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What is an Artist's Biography?

The artist's biography (or bio) relates to the wider context of your life in general.

An artist's biography contains enough information for people to be able to relate to you as an individual. However a biography is not a resume - nor should it read like one.

It is NEVER long-winded or boring!

KEY QUESTION: What do you want to say about yourself which is NOT contained in your artist statement or resume.

How to tackle your bio online
  • Twitter: The short bio is the one you use for Twitter - make it snappy and try not to be the same as everybody else!
  • Facebook: For Facebook you might use a slightly longer one. Keep it succinct and make people want to know more. Don't forget to provide a link for them to find out more.
  • For an exhibition and your website - you need a longer biography which offers more detail. People want to know who is the person who made this art.

...and what does it contain?

So, for example, it will contain such information as:

about the art - in brief
  • what you are known for - upfront - one sentence
  • important facts about your art (medium / subject / practice / output)

about the artist
  • where you come from / where you live now
  • what's your back story - share as much as you feel comfortable sharing
  • something that enables people to connect with you (eg an interest)
  • highlight a few key facts and features of your life
  • a picture of you - make it a good one.
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