Nin Kongnav(Naav)


I am a passionate self-taught Cambodian artist.

I started my first sketching and painting as early as I can remember.


One thing that I know for sure is that I love arts and it keeps going on and on.

I graduated in Bio-engineering, but that doesn’t keep me away from arts.

Most of my early arts and what I started since I was young is sketching with coloring pencils.

I started to acrylic-paint and other paints recently in late 2020, and I figured out that it works with me and I love it.


My paintings can be everything.

I like different type of paintings and styles.

Most of them are motivated by my own experience, self-expression, dreams, random creativities, and real society.

I like to give sensation to my paintings, so that people can feel what is inside the paintings.


This is how I see the beautiful in my paintings.

I follow my mind and let my hands decide what they want my paintings to be.

There are no rules in arts neither I have for myself.

So, just let it goes and see what you get.

Don’t hesitated to contact me for any inquiries and for more arts.