Hello. I am Jacob Andrew Lohmann, and I come from New York City, U.S.A.

Have you ever wondered why we are here, what skills, traits, experiences we inherit from our ancestors which shape us into the unique individuals we are. One of my desires is to share with the world my individual. I have found a good avenue of this expression through the art of my hand which is a direct translation of my sould and mind.


I discovered from an early age replicating the world around me and adding to it through drawing. I relish in creating worlds and emotions the viewer can feel and enter or be reminded of.


Those of us who have the privilege of two working eyes see the world around us everyday; one of the privileges of the artist is to include in his drawing the unique elements of the world we want others to see. We see a tree, we both see how it stands up right, how it has bark, how the leaves are green, but for one the shadows the tree makes when it hits the sandy ground may remind her of a time she was embraced by the cool shade a tree after a long hard day of work. For another that same tree in its sturdiness and verticality may stand for the strength and power of the people of a nation when they withstood the trials and tribulations of a tyrannical government. Other times drawing is simply replicating the beauty seen in the world around us. We all find different meanings in everything we see or experience.


Through my touch of line, stroke on the paper, and composition of frame, I hope to give the viewer a sense of my unique view of the variety of places I am fortunate to have traveled to and to also leave them space to create their own reflections in the artwork. For that is what is special about art: we can each find different meanings and themes in the same piece. It is all about how a work speaks to you; what it says.

Thank you for appreciating my art. May it add to your life and enhance your existence