« LIFE IS MY INSPIRATION »

                                        (English Version)

During this Easter weekend, on the Place Palais Royal, Helmut was drawing his self-portrait under the eyes of some curious passer-byes. This man’s singularity is that he scribbles directly on the ground. Despite a lowering sky, he remained impassible and kept on perfecting his work.  For the last three decades it has been possible to admire his showpieces throughout the most famous European cities, though his base is in France.

Interwiew with a street artist :

Do you consider yourself as a fully-fledged artist ?

Yes, being an artist is my full-time activity, I don’t have a second job. I am living from my artwork.

You seem to have an accent, which country are you from ?

I was born in Germany, in Cologne. I came from a right wing family. We did not share the same political orientation.

How long have you been living in France?

Actually I have been traveling throughout Europe for 30 years now and France is my permanent place of residence. I like this country, I appreciate the French mentality, not so much now, time has changed… But under Mitterand for instance life seemed easier in France! (laughs)

What do your pictures represent ?

Everything and nothing. I draw ordinary things. Life is my inspiration. I also want to convey a message through my drawings.  Today, I am drawing my self portrait, tomorrow it can be something else.

In your portrait you have written “I am the boss” on your cap, it’s nice…  it means you are better than everyone ? (laugh)

No, no, no, it means I am the master of my own life! There‘s no one under me, or above, I am my own boss. I am free and that’s what all artists look for.

Last time on the Place de la République, you made quite a strange art work… a giant eye! Is it to scare people off? (laugh)

No, (laugh) it’s a symbol of what society is today. We don’t take time to live and feel things anymore. The new technology takes on too much importance in our lives. We no longer take time to observe things. We see things but nothing really goes into our minds. People always have their eyes on their mobile phones for example.

Where can people see your art work apart from on the street?

I draw all year long outside, even during winter time ! I also draw paintings which you can see on my website.