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                                                      Marlon's Gallery 




                                    Concept: "Artistes du monde entier" 


Marlon's Gallery gives you access to quality services entirely dedicated to your needs. Illustrations of characters and artists around a world map representing the art market. Accelerator of opportunities and careers, Marlon's Gallery helps you position yourself on the Art market, build and develop your international reputation over the long term while optimizing your visibility and your network. "I want to offer Artists the opportunity to exhibit internationally, regardless of their geographical location" Marlon Berger, Founder and President Marlon's Gallery.




Faced with the harsh economic reality of the Art market and the conditions of the majority of Artists in the world, Marlon's Gallery promotes the creation of a community of Artists aimed at improving their daily lives and developing their careers while respecting their needs, desires and decisions.

Contribute to the dream of any Artist by offering a sustainable solution at a lower cost adapted to the situation of Artists, this is the mission that Marlon's has given itself.

Marlon's gallery supports Artists by offering them visibility around the world.

Artists also receive constructive feedback from Art professionals and develop their careers internationally while devoting most of their time and energy to their Art.

Marlon's Gallery is a passion for me, guided by the hope of giving real meaning to the profession of Artist.

                                                           ★ Manifeste


Marlon's Gallery builds and collaborates on the principles listed below:


1. Our philosophy:

Marlon's Gallery builds long-term relationships based on kindness, exchange and mutual respect.


2. Our Motivation:

It is important for Marlon's Gallery to eradicate the isolation of artists around the world by finding solutions to their artistic career management problems.


3. Our Respect:

Behind each work, the artist leaves a part of his existence and transmits a message. Marlon’s Gallery therefore finds it necessary to respect and honor the work of each artist.


4. Our conscience:

Marlon's Gallery is aware that artistic creation is a constant learning process and evolves over time.


5. Our ambition:

Marlon's Gallery ambition is to give any artist the opportunity to focus freely on their creation.


6. Our strength:

A global analysis of the Art market has enabled Marlon's Gallery

to create a unique concept rectifying the problems that all artists encounter.


7. Our difference:

Thanks to an in-depth analysis of the Art market, Marlon's Gallery

anticipates the needs of artists at all times.


8. Our way of working:

For Marlon's Gallery it is important to keep its commitments. Marlon's Gallery has only one word and sticks to it!


9. Our Commitment:

Marlon's Gallery makes a long-term commitment to each artist to contribute to the advancement of their artistic career.


10. Our Human Sense:

At Marlon's Gallery any fine arts artist is welcome!

Let Artists Create! *



                                                    ★Services disponibles


Get all the tools and/or services to build and maintain international visibility.

– A portfolio professionally presenting your background and all of your work, works, multilingual, business card...

– Connections with exhibition venues interested in your artistic work.

– Constructive comments from art professionals on your work and your research.

– An online article dedicated to your activity on our website and its distribution in our social networks.

--Referenced artwork Qr:QR means the contents of the code can be decoded quickly after being read by a barcode reader.

--Video clip, music editing.

– The creation of a Marlon's Gallery web page linked with your website and your social networks.

--Platform, online art gallery, buying and selling artwork.

--Shooting of works of art.

-- Traveling exhibitions of works of art.

– Referencing on search engines (Search Engine Optimization) of your Marlon's Gallery web page

–Preferential prices with Marlon's Gallery partners, useful for the development of an artistic career.


                                                       ★ The Founder


Freelance art photographer, for many years between Paris, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Bangkok, Vietnam...

Marlon's was confronted with the current issues of the Art market.

Offering an alternative to Artists became his mission the day he realized that, despite many sacrifices (such as modest and random income, risky searches for exhibition venues, the degradation or potential theft of works, the management of an international network, etc.) the probability of a stable and international career is more than low for Artists.

Marlon's decision is based on the observation that the difficulties of artists, whether or not they have succeeded in building an artistic career (by exhibiting in various museums and galleries, by selling their works at auction and to very large collectors, ... ) are generally found.


"Photography was my whole life and Marlon's gallery naturally took its place, because it is the essential solution for Artists who want to make a living from their Art. I do not know anything that allows to date to solve the problems of managing an artistic career around the world and this, in the long term. » Marlon's Berger, Founder and President Marlon's Gallery .


                                                          What I offer you





Many artists approach me with a very vague idea of ​​their needs.

The first meeting allows us to analyze together your situation in relation to the market.

Deep down inside, you've been an artist for a long time, you've produced a body of work but do you know what audience, collectors, galleries, corporations, might be interested in it?


Have you thought about the best way to publicize your work? Have you worked on your presentation to appeal to the media?

Where do you imagine yourself in 10 or 20 years? What do you really want to accomplish? What is synonymous with success for you?

These are questions on request you will first have to work together so that I can identify the type of services that I can offer you.



The development of a strategy for your art: Publishing, prices, targets, exhibition venues, press relations, creation of a network of professionals (webmaster, printer, framer, founder, graphic designer).


Creation of communication tools.


Identification of competitions and targeted calls for tenders, assistance in putting together an application file, development of your international contacts, license agreements.


Logistics management.


Direct sales of your works.

Organization of exhibitions, installations, performances in the presence of the artist or not.



Solutions: Either to the commission you pay on all of your art-related income, or to the payment of a lump sum for certain one-off services (editions, press relations, interview translations, organization of a exposure...).


So be aware of your needs, other possibilities are possible, let's discuss them!