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Anthony Bodin Born November 4, 1998, in Istres, the young artist Antho living in Marseille just started his professional activity recently. As a child he could not help drawing, creating everything that went through his head. On magazines, post-it, and even on these school homework. Completely self-taught, he did not receive training in the largest schools but it did not block him to acquire the talent he has today. In constant evolution, his art speaks for itself. Through his creations he shows what people do not want to see. "The taboo" is his key word for his inspiration. His artistic philosophy is such that anything that can shock, disturb, can necessarily please. If the sadness in a work can touch people, then why the embarrassment, which is a feeling part of the Man, can not move the audience as much. His family helped him enormously to acquire a certain artistic sensibility. By visiting any kind of museum, gallery and art room, she allowed him to see reality from a completely different angle. What marked him the most, and he breathed this philosophy was a work in particular, "The death of Marat" made by Jacques-Louis David. Questioned by the embarrassment felt by visitors to this painting, the artist Antho decided to challenge himself: to transcribe the same feeling about these creations.