Abdallah CHAHIDI

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« L'art n'est pas pour moi une joie solitaire. -Albert Camus »

Abdallah Chahidi est un artiste primé basé au Maroc dont les peintures ont été exposées en France, au Royaume-Uni et au Brésil.


Il décrit ses diverses compositions imprégnées de symbolisme et penchant vers le surréalisme. Les compositions figuratives fantastiques de Chahidi sont créées à partir de pigments qu'il a rapportés du Sahara et qu'il mélange avec des huiles sur lin.

                       Chahidi the Alchemist


The Moroccan artist Abdel-Ilah Chahidi is considered to be a major figure of the new sensitivity. He was able to present sceneries

filled with fantastic and marvelous energy by using luminous colors as well as contrasts, nay, «conflicts of matter» as the talented

artist calls them, such that some of his artworks seen in broad daylight have their aspects completely transformed by night,

showing off an even more amazing spectrum of colors. Knight of the Mondial Art Academia, this gifted researcher in the field of art

is hypersensitive, motivated by his goal of finding the perfect way to represent the female body, he›s captured and represented in

his artworks with alchemical colors a beauty both apparent and latent.

Being a painter, he lives and works at Mohammedia. Born in 1959 at Casablanca, he was one of the laureates from the «Ecole des

Arts Plastiques de Casablanca» and graduated from the «Centre Pédagogique Régional de Rabat». He is currently the chairman of

the Painters› Association of Mohammedia.